Speaking Engagements

About The Owner:

Olivia Ho is an ex-health care worker turned entrepreneur amidst the pandemic in 2020. In addition to working full-time at the hospital as a cardiac sonographer, she also worked as a sport program lead at MLSE LaunchPad, a kids facility that empowers youth through sport where she runs the girls-only programming for youth ages 6-18. She has an extensive background working at sports camps with youth and working with marginalized communities in Toronto. When Olivia started making basketball planters for friends and family in August 2020, she had no idea what it would turn into. After getting the attention of many of her peers, she started The Give and Grow. Olivia knew that whatever this turned into had to revolve around her passion for youth, sport, and community. So when choosing the name “The Give and Grow”, in addition to being a play-on words for the basketball term “the give and go”, its true meaning is the idea of giving back to the community, and helping to grow the next generation of youth, specifically BIPOC girls. The Give and Grow now centers itself around hosting workshops for youth and working alongside community partners to execute workshops centered around personal wellness, growth, and creativity.

Speaking Engagements

Topic: The Power of Sport - a one-hour presentation on how sport has played an important role in Olivia's journey through her life and how it now translates into her business. Engagement and discussion around life-skills gained from sport, how to keep girls in sport, and how a health body translates into a healthy mind.

Topic: Planting the Right Seeds - a one-hour presentation on lessons we can learn from plants and how plants can be a metaphor for our own personal growth. Engagement and discussion around the idea of staying true to your roots (what are your core values and how do they play a role in your life?), branching out for support (who is your support system?), watering things that grow (feeding into things that make you happy), taking out the weeds (filtering out any negativity), etc. 

Topic: International Women's Day - a one-hour long presentation centred around Olivia's journey through sport as a young woman, how girls can be empowered through sport, and how we can all work together towards gender equity. Engagement and discussion around this year's topic for IWD "DigitALL - Innovation and technology for gender equality"

Please contact info@thegiveandgrow.com if you would like to hire Olivia Ho as a speaker at your school, conference, or team building event!